June 06, 2017




On the week of February 27, the Goddard Catering Group Lean Manufacturing team, led by Camilo Alvarez, developed a Kaizen blitz in our kitchen in Barbados. Together with Alejandro Palma, our Corporate Executive Chef, the local team, achieved a productivity improvement of 40% in the cold assembly area. Standardized Work and Discipline will now be the main drivers to sustain this improvement.  

The adjustments done by the operation department to deliver equipment directly to the production area generated significant improvements to the kitchen operations. Many thanks to Pierre Drayton, Barbados Operation Manager and his team for their support during this exercise. 

Special recognition to Craig Mackenzie, the Barbados Executive Chef and his team for their enthusiasm and willingness to implement the changes. It is important to highlight that the sustainability of the results is 100% dependent on the local team, they now have a great responsibility on their shoulders. 

The support of our Corporate Chef was also significant to the success of this initiative, adding his experience and expertise not only in the overall business but also specific to the Barbados operation. 

Lean manufacturing is a philosophy to make our operation more efficient, responsive and stress free (or less stressful). It is a proven and flexible method to be more competitive and therefore better prepared to increase our market share participation and rapidly respond to its changes.

Kaizen Blitz is a process improvement tool that enables us to achieve fast and continuous improvement. Using multidisciplinary teams, it allows ideas from all associates to be considered, assessed and implemented. The team leaders become change agents within their own teams.